Saturday, January 9, 2010

This is a story about one of my cats who has since gone to be with all the heavenly kittys...I miss him very much,it took me five months before I could bring myself to get another cat, or even think about it, I cried at the very thought of replacing him! I have recently gotten another cat from the Horseheads shelter, which was very inexpensive to adopt...he also has a great personality!! His name is Chester.....



Sophisticated is the word to describe him. His suit is a tuxedo, that he fills out quite well. He's tall and paunchy, and has a confident stride. Even though he sounds like a cat owned by royalty, he's definitely not. Hector belongs to the local animal rescue facility. He still walks with an heir about him though, knowing his call and purpose in this life.

The young woman working at the animal shelter catches his eye every time she walks by...his mood intense , yet peaceful, beckoning her attention. “You love me, you want to take me home, you can't resist me”....these thoughts seem to trickle from his yellow bright eyes. One day she was weakened again by those looks and she gave in and brought Hector home to her family.

Hector commanded her family to love him, and like a spellbound clan they did, but when he met the young womans mom, he really fell in love. The woman was warm and kind and always willing to have him on her lap, and when not on her lap he was always seen just above her head on the lounge chair where she always sat, or upon her bed where she lay, where he would message her legs with his warm paws.

So Hector became a major character in the household that would bring comfort to all who loved him, especially the woman, May, that was her name.

The men of the household were not particularly fond of cats, so Hector bore a bit of confrontation now and then with a boot or two, but for the most part his life was good because he was very well fed with wet cat food, the kind with the 'royalty cat' on the label of course. He was on a regimented routine of stepping out at a special time each evening, and of this routine, he had trained May very well.

As days passed, Hector became somewhat of a mascot of the family. He was always there. The morning brought Hector meowing to the front door with proud trophies of a mouse head, or a chipmunks' no longer harassing chatter, or perhaps a poor bird unawares. Hector is a ruthless hunter, having no mercy on the most innocent of mice. It was his job, period.

Time passed and one day it was apparent that May, his love, became ill. Hector could be seen messaging her legs, that were sore , as she lay in her bed. Sometimes his prodding became too much for her and he was shewed away...and like a gentle-cat, he would slowly turn and walk away, only to return later for another message and purrr.

Mays kids all loved Hector and respected him completely. He was always rubbed and scratched the right way, but he was occasionally picked on by the boys, who knew just what ticked him off. Hector tolerated them though and was set on his mission of making May comfortable.

One day May's niece came to visit, hearing that her dear aunt was ill. When she arrived, Hector was there in all his glory, sprawled across Mays legs keeping her warm. When he seemed too heavy for mays legs, her niece noticed and coaxed him to her lap where he seemed quite happy. She scratched and petted him the way he she found favor with him. The next time the niece came to visit he came right to her and made himself comfortable by laying down on her lap and stretching forth his arms...his trademark. Hector felt at home with her and her niece obviously fell in love with him, May took notice of this and said “ I want him to be yours”, she said....her niece swallowed hard and gave a solemn “okay”.

The sad day came when May passed on, and the niece was called upon to come and pick him up. With tears running down, she retrieved Hector from his once happy home to move on to another mission at the nieces home. To this day, Hector has a certain melancholy about him as a result of Mays' absence. So now, Hector reigns on high at the nieces house, still commanding to be let out at a certain time, and giving messages at a regular basis, and spectacular trophy hunting. A day doesn't go by that Hectors' antics and ways bring joy to the nieces' household and family, and all who visit her. His missions being accomplished very well.


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